Period Proof Swimsuit - Racer Back

Brand:  Cheeky Wipes
Material  Nylon / Cotton
Absorbency Level  Light

Black Period Proof Swimsuit in Racerback Style

Great for: Whether you're expecting your first period, are established menstruator or on a light to medium flow day of your period.

Use if: Racerback style - You fancy spending time at the beach or the pool without the faff of using a tampon or a menstrual cup to contain your period blood. 

Sizing tip: Size 2 to 24 - these do run on the larger side so please size down if between sizes - use the straps to adjust for a small/larger bust size 

The fabrics used in our period pants and period products, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'.

* When trying on do not remove hygiene sticker and try over own underwear - no returns will be accepted if this is removed

What we love: 

  • Made with treated nylon outer fabric which is water resistant and leak proof for lighter periods
  • Racerback style
  • Removable breast pads which help preserve your modesty if that's important to you, machine washing is fine but remove the breast pads and handwash separately to avoid the backing fabric from separating which may happen in the machine - this will not affect use if it occurs.
  • Holds two tampons worth of menstrual blood, perfect for a lighter days
  • Suitable as a backup to menstrual cup or tampon for heavy flow days

Period swimwear from Cheeky Pants - Period Swimwear UK - Period proof swimwear UK

What is Cheeky Period Swimming Costume made of?

Lining: 100%Polyester Oeko-tex certified

Middle: 80%Polyester, 20%Nylon/PUL 100% Polyester Oeko-tex certified

Outer: 82%Nylon, 18%Spandex Oeko-tex certified

The material has been tested in sea and chlorine swimming conditions. If the costume material becomes damaged as a result of any other activities, i.e friction and/or abrasions from climbing out of the water or velcro attachments from paddle boards or surf boards leaving marks/bobbling, we cannot be held responsible. 

'Absolutely delighted with this period swimsuit! Does what it says on the tin. Works for little leaks as well as periods.

Stylish but still practical. Adjustable. 9.5 out of 10 I’m so pleased cheeky wipes are considering expanding their range. Girl power!!' Alison, Test reviewer Dec 2021

These period swimsuits are 'gamechanging!' 

How absorbent is Cheeky Period Proof Swimwear?

The absorbent lining in this black period proof swimsuit is slightly thinner than some period underwear, so avoid wearing solo on your heaviest days. However, the gusset is breathable, plus quick drying!

How does period swimwear work?

The outer fabric is water repellent. This stops water (from the pool or sea) absorbing into the inside of the swimsuit. It absorbs period blood instead, making it perfect for light periods.

To ensure this is effective make sure your swimsuit has a really good fit around the legs - you don't want any gaping when you're moving!

How do I wash my period swimwear?

Taking care of your Cheeky® period swimming costume couldn't be easier, Please wash cold with no fabric softener or bleach. Anything hotter than 30 degrees can impact the waterproof nature of the material and failing to adhere to the washing instructions will invalidate any returns.

Please take a moment to have a read of this article on the effect Chlorine can have on all swimwear and care for your period swimsuit accordingly.

Check out our washing and care guide of our period protection here.

Any other questions or fancy trying our period swim bikini and aren't sure on sizing? Contact our fantastic customer services team!