Cheeky Wipes SMALL Double Wetbag

Cheeky Wipes SMALL Double Wetbag
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Our double wetbags are made from PUL laminated supersoft minky, so they are designed to hold damp wipes, ready for use and mucky wipes/ clothes / nappies in one bag!  

With an integrated carry handle for hanging from your buggy and two zipped compartments, which can simply be wiped out or washed if necessary after use, these cute bags come in three sizes:

  • Mini: 18.5cm wide x 14.5cm high 
  • Small: 20cm wide x 25cm high  
  • Medium: 25cm wide x 30cm high (10 inches x 12 inches) 
  • Large: 35cm high x 40cm high (14 inches x 16 inches)

The small bag is perfect for your clean and dirty wipes - and you could squeeze in a dirty nappy or clothing too.

The medium bag is slightly larger, just big enough for a couple of dirty nappies and your clean and mucky wipes, so is the perfect bag for an afternoon out.

The large bag is a good sized bag for nursery or childminders, as you can comfortably hold 4 - 5 dirty nappies, plus your clean and dirty wipes.

NOTE: we do not recommend putting very wet wipes into your bag, but if you give them a good squeeze out before putting them in the bag, it will work perfectly.