Cheeky MEDIUM Luxury Double Wetbag

Cheeky MEDIUM Luxury Double Wetbag
Wetbag Design: Dream BigWetbag Design: Counting SheepWetbag Design: Hedgehog Love
Wetbag Design: Woodland SquirrelWetbag Design: Falling Stars

Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Our NEW luxury double wetbags are made from waterproof, durable TPU. They are designed to hold clean damp wipes ready for use and mucky wipes/ clothes / nappies in one bag! Our new design includes 2 waterproof layers which prevent wicking and keep odours in! Plus they have a pull out mesh bag in the front pocket, which can be thrown straight in the wash so you never have to touch those mucky wipes!

With an integrated carry handle for hanging from your buggy, two zipped compartments and removable open mesh bag in the front pocket.

The main pockets can then be wiped out after use and turned inside out to dry ready for your next outing. 

  • Medium: 9" wide x 12" high (approx)

The medium bag is just big enough for a nappy and your clean and mucky wipes, so is the perfect bag for an afternoon out.

NOTE: we do not recommend putting very wet wipes into your bag, but if you give them a good squeeze out before putting them in the bag, it will work perfectly.