25 Microfibre Wipes

25 Microfibre Wipes
 25 Microfibre Wipes25 Microfibre Wipes 



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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

**Stock Update: Unfortuately our shipment of microfibre wipes has arrived water damaged and are therefore unsaleable. Our next delivery will not arrive until sometime in November. 

Our velvet micro-fibre wipes are 15 x 15cm and available in a rainbow pack containing 25 mixed colours (aqua, yellow, blue, mauve & pink)  Micro-fibre wipes are super-soft and perfect for cleaning mucky hands and faces and cleaning wee from bottoms (we don't recommend them for poo....)


They wash really well and dry super quickly, so great if you want quick turnaround. (Wipes will shrink slightly on first wash, this is completely normal). Wash with other similar colours up to 40c

Simply re-soak in Fresh Baby Wipes Container  with water and Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend Cloth baby wipes are better for the environment and will save you money.

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