Washable Cloth Bamboo Plush Baby Wipes

Washable Cloth Bamboo Plush Baby Wipes
Pattern: Dino,  Minky Wipes Quantity: 25Pattern: Woodland Bear,  Minky Wipes Quantity: 25Pattern: Bee Happy,  Minky Wipes Quantity: 25
Pattern: Heart,  Minky Wipes Quantity: 25Pattern: Fruit Smiles,  Minky Wipes Quantity: 25

Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Double sided wipes, Bamboo viscose on one side, luxuriously soft plush on the other, 15cm x 15cm. These wipes are AMAZING for hands & faces. The bamboo side is not as grippy as our bamboo terry on poo, but is great for wee!

Wash with similar colours, up to 40c

Bamboo is super absorbent, just brilliant for wiping those mucky little faces. It's also naturally anti-bacterial which is an added bonus!