Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil Baby Wipes Soaking Solution

Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil Blend – for cloth baby wipes

· 50% Tea Tree Essential Oil and 50% Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil, both from Australia

· Tea Tree is a powerful antiseptic, anti-bactericidal, fungicidal essential oil. In World War II, tea tree oil was a highly valued product as it was issued to each soldier and sailor as part of their kit in order to treat tropical infections and infected wounds. Perfect for keeping our Mucky Baby Wipes sweet until they’re washed!

· Tea Tree Lemon comes from the Manuka Tree, also in Australia. (The amazing Manuka Honey has been used in clinical trials to heal wounds quickly)

· Tea Tree Lemon is a sweeter, lemony scented Tea Tree Oil, less medicinal smelling and used extensively by the old Maori’s for burns and irritations of the skin

· Steam Distilled to preserve the unique signatures of the plant

· All our oils are premium grade, the highest quality aromatherapy oils available (important safety information about using essential oils)

· 10ml costs £4.99, 50ml costs £12.49, 100ml is £18.49

· Used with Soft Bamboo Cloth Baby Wipes in Cheeky Wipes™ in the Mucky Baby Wipes Container. We don't recommend this oil is used as a fresh wipes soaking solution as it is too harsh for delicate skin